CUNY Adult Literacy
"Students in adult literacy programs know that a major key to living productively in the U.S. is their ability to function in English. But even after learning the basics they have limited opportunity to actually speak the language. It gives me immense satisfaction knowing that through the adult literacy program I can provide that opportunity and help them achieve their goals."
— Jerry Eber, ESOL teacher, Bronx Community College

"What I love most about working with adults," says Gayle Cooper-Shpirt, a teacher and staff developer in CUNY's literacy program, "is that they really want to learn. Because they are so open to learning, I can try different ways of teaching a particular concept or subject."

All CUNY teachers have bachelor's, and in many cases master's degrees in education, literature, writing, and other related fields. In addition to the education and experience CUNY teachers bring to their classrooms, all receive training and support from CUNY staff developers, in the form of seminars and workshops on particular teaching techniques and theories, users' groups for teachers who are piloting new curricula, and personalized assistance in the "nuts-and- bolts" of teaching methodology and classroom management.

While our teachers come from various professional backgrounds, they share an enthusiasm for, and commitment to, working with adult learners. They are eager to take advantage of opportunities to learn more about teaching, and generous with their expertise when collaborating with and assisting colleagues. CUNY adult literacy and GED instructors are truly students of teaching and learning.